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Organizational journeys to the cloud, artificial intelligence and 5G all start with software defined data centers.

The building block for modern technical innovation is the virtualization of compute, storage and networking resources.

This capability makes applications more secure, resilient and widely available.


As the number of devices under IT management grows, security and administration become a greater concern.

Admins and organizations can leverage the widest support for operating systems, including Windows, MACOS, Linux and Android devices and manage them all from a single pane of glass.

Further adding value, security is intrinsic and threats are automatically remediated when encountered.

AI Platforms

Building infrastructure for AI workflows, is challenging and for organizations and enterprises, these projects will take years to complete.

We offer the infrastructure, configured and ready for use.


Virtualization of data center components is this first step in the journey, and virtualization of 5G networks will be the next step.

We now have the capabilities to build and deploy private and enterprise 5G networks using virtualization and GPU acceleration for signal processing.

Emerald Bridge assists organizations in reaching their business goals by overcoming procedural and technical challenges.

Our customers have seen upwards of 24x year over year growth in sales as a result of our services.

We help local and global entities with the development and adoption of roadmaps, strategic pilot programs, technical proof-of-concepts and process improvements.